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  • Buy First, Sell Later OR Sell First, Buy Later? Let's explore to Pros and Cons

    When maneuvering to buy and sell your current and future home, planning is very important. From the financial planning, the timeline and what is the strategy, whether to buy first and sell later, or sell first and buy later. Both have its advantages and disadvantages. Let's dive in. Buy First, Sell Later Lets assume we are buying a HDB and then selling a HDB. This strategy allows you to secure your top choice property that you wish to buy next, and know that you will be having a home, without having to secure an interim house. However, unless you are confident that you can get the desired selling price for your current house, this strategy is risky. Seller will be encouraged to sell quickly, since HDB owners are only allowed 6 months to sell their place, once they have bought the other property ( a HDB owner can only be allowed to own only ONE HDB at a time ). On top of that, the buyer must be able to afford the downpayment ( 10% of the property price, assuming you are taking HLE ). Rushing to sell your property may end up not getting the price that you want for your current home. Sell First, Buy Later This strategy is allows the seller to get his desired asking price before proceeding to buy another. However, you may miss out on your top property choice while waiting to get your current house sold. Selling first and buying later allows the owners to sell cash out their current property and use the cash proceeds to place the downpayment, renovation cost for their next purchase. Buy First, Sell Later Pros - Get your top choice property - No interim house needed, straight move in Cons - Rushing to selling, may not get desired or lower price for your property - Must be able to afford the 10% downpayment (if using HLE) Sell First, Buy Later Pros - Will be able to afford the downpayment, renovation cost for your next purchase Cons - May not get your top choice next property - May need an interim house, or ask for temporary extension on your current house from their incoming owner to allow you to stay (max 3 months allowed) before moving in your next home There is no right or wrong to the timeline above. Preferably for me, would be to Sell first, Buy later. sell at the desired price while looking for a buyer who will allow a temporary extension of stay, so the transition from the current house to the next will be smooth and seamless. There are many other strategies ways into buying and selling of property. Call us to learn more about the process of buying and selling at +65(9062-2444). Visit our Website: Follow us: Facebook/Instagram:

  • Tips to Selling Your HDB

    If you are reading this post, most likely that your HDB has reached or is reaching its 5-years Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) and you are looking to sell, and perhaps takig the next property step and upgrade to a Condominium. Here are some tips into selling your HDB fast and at a premium price. 1) De-clutter: New buyers will most likely renovate the property that they will be buying, regardless if the unit is renovated or not. Decluttering of unwanted furnitures will create space, especially when units in Singapore are trending smaller and smaller. 2) Re-paint: A fresh coat of paint freshens up a unit. Especially those buyers who are looking ready to move-in apartments immediately, units with new paint will appeal to them. Bright-coloured paint is visually pleasing to the eyes making the unit looking bright and lively. 3) Repair: Fused bulbs, hinges, bidet, handles and wiring if theres any. This gives the impression that the house is very well maintained and next owner will not have to fork out too much. 4) Staging: Ever been to a New condo showflat? The way the display is done, the arrrangement of the furnitures, the lightings, the smell of the aromatherapy, the music. Do that when you are selling your HDB. I hope these tips will help you with selling of your HDB. For more advice regarding the selling of your property, contact us at +65(9062-2444) Visit our Website: Follow us on Facebook/Instagram:

  • Tips into Buying your First HDB Property

    Just got married? Singles, and just turned 35 years old? Congratulations. You are eligible to buy your first Property. Here are some tips before you go about buying your first Property. 1) Check your Eligiblity to Buy. You will have to Register Intent to Buy via the HDB Portal to check if you already Eligible to Buy a HDB. I have shared a link here to direct you to the HDB portal. 2) Apply for HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) or Bank In-principle to check before hand, to determine how much loan you are eligible, so you will know what will be your maximun housing budget, and what type of housing and area you can purchase the hdb from. 3) Now, start your house hunting to find your dream house. I will always recommend my clients to follow these steps. Property buying can be exciting but can be stressful as well, so new buyers may overlooked certain things. I have encountered many stories of buyers forfeiting their deposit with HDB, after failing to secure a sufficient loan to afford a property. Doing your housing financial calculation is key. To learn more about buying your new HDB stress-free, contact us at +65(9062-2444). Visit our website: Follow us on Facebook/Instagram:

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  • Looking to Buy, Sell or Rent Your Property?

    Integrated Development providing Luxury and Convenience I Want to View the Showflat About One Holland Village Mixed-use developments have been a popular choice amongst buyers, due its offer for convenience, being so close to the MRT, offering shopping mall, mixing Residential and Commercial together. ​ One Holland Village Residences brought it to another level. Knowing that we humans have different preferences, needs and wants, this development offers 3 types of housing. Quincy - The 3-4 bedrooms with private Lift offering Concierge service, Leven - The 2 bedrooms low-rise landed feel and Sereen - The high-rise tower comprises of 1-3 bedrooms units amongst facilities you can enjoy such as sky deck, 50m lap pool, rooptop tennis court to name a few. Being just 3minutes walk away from Holland Village MRT and retail shops right at the development, what more can one ask for? All in One Holland Village Residences Why choose to buy One Holland Village? 3 Types of Housing >Quincy - 3/4 Bedroom with Private Lift with Added Concierge >Sereen - High-rise 1-3 bedrooms with Facilities >Leven - Low-rise 'Landed' type 2 bedrooms Integrated Mixed Use Development >3 minutes walk to Holland Village MRT >Retail Shops right at Door step Great Location >Sort after Prime District 10 >Good schools >Easy Connectivity via MRT/Expressways Service Name Describe one of your services UNIT TYPES What I like about One Holland Village Residences is that the developer understands that buyers have different needs and wants, hence, offering different housing types. Some prefer Landed property and some prefer the apartment style unit. ​ Enter Quincy, 3 and 4-bedrooms and Duplex Penthouses apartments with Private lift and concierge service for a more personalized service. For those who prefer the 'Landed' feel, Leven is for you. 2-bedrooms units, 3 levels with your own lawn, balcony and even Private lift. ​ Sereen are 1- 3-bedrooms units that caters to those who like flexibility to optimize the living space which the balcony can be used as an extension of the living area. INTERIOR FINISHINGS From the outside, One Holland Village Residences is one impressive development. But what about the interior? Good? The developer didnt compromise on that either.Offering the VZUG Integrated Fridge Freezer, VZUG Combi Steam Over and Microwave Oven, VZUG Undercounter Winechiller, the stylish toilet Toto Neorest and bathroom tap from Gessi Rilievo. ​ When you a Japanese developer, you know qulity is not compromised. Service Name Describe one of your services SMART SYSTEM With the trend about having Smart System at home such as Google Assistant, Alexa etc, One Holland Village Residences has taken the initiative to integrate a Smart Home system as well for most of its units. ​ You will be able to control your own home with a touch of a button, from your phone, IPAD etc. ​ Cool. Very cool ! PRICE 1 Bedder - 484 sqft - [$1,511,404 or $3,123 psf] 2 Bedder - 797 sqft - [$2,007,563 or S$2,518 psf] ​ 3 Bedder - 1098 sqft - [$2,800,000 or $2,550 psf] 4 Bedder - 2088 sqft - [$6,838,000 or $3,275 psf] Contact 3 Holland Village Way, Singapore 275753 +65(9062-2444) I'm interested in One Holland Village, Book me for an Appointment to View the Showflat First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send

  • Looking to Buy, Sell or Rent Your Property?

    КОМПЛЕКСНАЯ СМЕШАННАЯ РАЗРАБОТКА ЕГО ПОПУЛЯРНАЯ ТЕНДЕНЦИЯ ЗА ПОСЛЕДНИЕ НЕСКОЛЬКО ЛЕТ, И ДАННАЯ ТЕНДЕНЦИЯ ПРОДОЛЖАЕТСЯ. Поскольку резиденции BEDOK и NORTHPARK были настолько популярными и быстро распродавались, когда он был запущен, несмотря на его премиальную цену, некоторые владельцы просто предпочли удобство нахождения непосредственно среди торговых центров и торговых центров. ЕСЛИ ВЫ ПРОПУСТИТЕ ЭТИ РАЗРАБОТКИ, ВОПРОСЫ НЕТ, ЗДЕСЬ ЕСТЬ НЕКОТОРЫЕ ДРУГИЕ СМЕШАННЫЕ ПРОЕКТЫ РАЗРАБОТКИ, ИЗ КОТОРЫХ МОЖНО ВЫБРАТЬ. ЗАПРОСИТЬ ПРОСМОТР SENGKANG GRAND RESIDENCES Sengkang Grand Residences - это будущий комплексный кондоминиум смешанной застройки рядом с метро Buangkok MRT. Этот новый смешанный комплекс расположен рядом с метро Buangkok MRT и объединяет в себе автобусную развязку, торговый центр Sengkang Grand, уличный торговец и детский сад, предлагая абсолютное удобство для будущих владельцев. Зарегистрируйте свой интерес на нашем веб-сайте, чтобы получить цены, планы этажей, брошюры и обзоры psf. ЗАПРОСИТЬ ПРОСМОТР PASIR RIS 8 Pasir Ris 8 - это будущий комплексный комплекс смешанной застройки рядом с метро Pasir Ris. Объединение автобусной развязки, торгового центра White Sands и поликлиники в одно целое, что обеспечивает абсолютное удобство для будущих владельцев. Мы уже упоминали, что аэропорт Джуэл находится всего в нескольких минутах езды или нескольких станциях метро. Зарегистрируйте свой интерес на нашем веб-сайте, чтобы получить цены, планы этажей, брошюры и обзоры psf. ЗАПРОСИТЬ ПРОСМОТР МОЛОЧНАЯ ФЕРМА (D23) Резиденции молочной фермы, что я могу сказать. В природном заповеднике Букит-Тимах есть определенное очарование, правда? Это пышная зелень, откуда открывается шикарный вид. Это то, что Dairy Farm Residences предложит в дополнение к своим удобствам: станция метро Hillview MRT находится в нескольких минутах ходьбы и будет интегрирована с торговым центром, который состоит из собственного супермаркета, центра по уходу за детьми, продуктов питания и напитков и торговых точек. ​ ​ ЗАПРОСИТЬ ПРОСМОТР Резиденции Вудли Комплекс Woodleigh Residences разрабатывается известным японским девелопером Кадзимой, и мы знаем, что японцы гордятся качеством и надежностью изготовления. Расположенный у прекрасного вида на сад озера Алкаф и парк Бидадари, вы можете воспользоваться лучшим из обоих миров с точки зрения удобства. Бидадари быстро становится одним из самых востребованных мест в Сингапуре, занимая центральное место повсюду, а недавние учения BTO превысили предложение в 10 раз. ЗАПРОСИТЬ ПРОСМОТР ЗАЛИВ СРЕДНЕГО ГОРОДА Расположен в районе Central Core или Prime, метко названном Mid-Town Bay, прямо напротив Suntec City. Роскошные апартаменты, офисные помещения класса А, вместе с торговыми точками, работа из дома или дома на работе никогда не была такой простой и удобной. Подключение к сети из дома стало проще. Вдобавок ко всему, просто представьте, что вы находитесь в непосредственной близости не от 1 станции MRT, а 5 станций MRT. Вы подключены, понятно? ха-ха ЗАПРОСИТЬ ПРОСМОТР AVENUE SOUTH RESIDENCES 56-этажные башни-близнецы Avenue South Residences, похожие на культовую башню Pinnacle в Дакстоне, предлагают великолепный панорамный вид на море и город. Уже в действии запланированное развитие Большой южной набережной (GSW), которая представляет собой 2000 гектаров земли, чтобы построить динамичный центр города, объединяющий бизнес и образ жизни, что делает ASR очень привлекательным местом. ​

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